Reinventing phone Customer Experience

Allo-Media provides an AI platform based on Call Tracking, Automatic Natural Language Recognition, and Speech Analytics that helps you convert your calls into the right actions.

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Our solutions for Marketing and Customer Care


Use AI on phone calls for your acquisition marketing campaigns; to link phone conversation data to your analytic solution, increase your marketing efficiency and customer experience.


Scribr is a SaaS speech analytics platform for phone calls. Allo-Media’s proprietary live call transcripts and voice of the customer analysis provide actionable data for continuous improvement in your customer experience processes.


From vocal data to ROI

leads Reduced acquisition costs and increasing hot leads number
leads Call tracking and omnichannel data integration
leads Personalized visitor experience

Identification and Automated Qualification of call reasons

  • Automated scoring of leads and conversion
  • Identification of call generating campaigns

Real time smart decision optimizations

  • Better profiling of prospects and contextual ads
  • Intelligent lead retargetting for increased conversion rates


  • Reconciliation of Web navigation and phone conversation contents


  • Omnichannel visualization of the customer experience, including phone call contents
  • Improved call monetisation
  • Enrich your CRM
  • Real time alerts to customer care team

How does the Vocal Cookie work?


Creation of a new customer experience event in your analytics platform


Automatic segmentation of leads and call conversion driven by learning


Qualification of context data per industry, key words, or named entity


Direct/native integration with your solution or via the Allo-Media API



Plug&Play connectors to your analytics platform and existing Ad servers

Privacy by Design (proven GDPR compliance)


Redacts private & sensitive data (personal data, health data, banking data)

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ADETEM 2017 Grand Prix – Gold level Marketing Excellence category

2017 Insurance Trophies – Marketing Innovation category

2018 Marketing Trophies – Data category award

2018 Digital Innovation Award – business category

2019 MEDEF Startup Challenge – Language Award

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Allo-Media analyses customer care centers calls


AI & Ecommerce, the wedding of the century


Allo-Media reaches the best accuracy of the industry


Allo-Media and Webhelp disrupt customer contact experience