Better-Than-Human verbal understanding

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Our expertise, in a few words

Proprietary speech recognition engine built on spontaneous conversations

100% proprietary transcription, more accurate that the rest of the market
Confirmed by external benchmarks

Automatic adjustment of sentences in real time thanks to dedicated language models

Combination of Machine/Deep Learning and human analysis of conversations

Very large library of vocabulary adapted to any sectors/industries

Science, in the heart of our solution

Manual moderation or corpus handling

  • Confrontation and transparency on the Word Error Rate through evaluation corpus
  • Realization of unique training and evaluation corpuses per client
  • Multiple speakers and conversational analysis processing (intonation, flow, emotion, hesistancy…)

Segmentation or signal transcription

  • Dedicated and specialized language models
  • Learning phrasing specific to a brand/industry
  • Improving an acoustic model continuously by learning based on accents and ambient noise

Transparency of our Word Error Rate

  • Scientific method of standard calculation (Word Error Rate)
  • Confidence scores for each transcribed conversation
  • A unique Word Error Rate for each adapted model

Science to the business applications

  • PhDs specialized in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Dedicated annotation department: linguists, data builders and data scientists
  • Being accompanied by a professional holding his PhD in acoustics and emotion processing
  • Contact-center and marketing expert teams
  • Telecoms and VoIP engineers

Our achievements

"Better-Than-Human" Voice recognition

  • Pole position in France: four times better than the market Word Error Rate (WER)
  • Average word error rate (WER): 4.1%, better than human (5% to 7.5%)
  • Retranscribing Speech-to-Text in real time: 0.72-second lag enables usage of a voicebot

Telecom operator

  • Native speaker diarisation through the recorder
  • 0% of voice data lost (vs. 13% average)
  • We could plug in directly for an even lower lag


  • More than 35 features in development (number of pauses, response delays, etc.)
  • Inclusion of new languages (Portuguese, German etc.) in progress
  • End-to-end contextual call classification—signal to label

Recognized expertise

GDPR, Health Data & other personnaly identifiable info. (PII)

4 technical patents filed in the US in 2019

Technical benchmarks by

Orange Labs, WebHelp, Groupama, AXA

A couple dozen open-source repositories (GitHub)

Certified French operator (ARCEP—Comparable to Federal Communications Commission (FCC))

Integration with all your tools & telephony

Connection methods to audio flow & data

  • API Connect & Activate available to you
  • Native integration through a simple tag
  • Plug-&-play connectors to the following:
    • Analytics platforms (Adobe Analytics)
    • Existing Ad Servers (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.)

Phone-connection methods

  • Call tracking (SDA)
  • Simple call routing
  • Session Recording Protocol (SIPREC)