The Scribr

The Scribr is the SaaS platform for Speech Analytics that allows you to leverage your calls. Thanks to real-time transcription, analysis of the voice of the customer offers actionable data for continuous improvement in client relations.

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The Scribr

How does it work?

Your phone feed is connected to our platform

Calls' signal analysis, transcription & anonymization in real time

Labeling & scoring, provisioning of call content & its enrichment in our web-based interface, The Scribr

Take actions based on call's content, manually, or automatically thanks to third-parties integrations


Real-time call transcription.

Real-time redaction of personal and sensitive data in both transcript and audio.

Labeling of calls based on pre-trained AI.

Individual Effort Score (IES) of the customer on each call

Advanced searches in the transcripts of calls

Searches results take you to the exact moment in a conversation where the speaker said what you are seeking.

Read & listen to the calls

Export searches results

Bookmark your searches

Third-party integrations to automate actions based on calls labeling.

Personal & secured access to our platform.

Privacy by Design (proven GDPR compliance)


Redacts private & sensitive data
(personal data, health data, banking data)